Collection: Enter The Dragon's Lair Collection

Story time:
As a child we didn't have TikTok, or Youtube, or Facebook, and if you can believe this our phones, only made phone calls! BRUTAL...I know! So to entertain my young brain I would totally engross myself in science fiction and fantasy stories. One very famous writer whose story became a very famous movie and in so doing THOU SHALT NOT...be named, wrote a story about a group of dwarfs, a hobbit, and a wizard.

This strange, but adventurous bunch were on a great quest because you see, an evil Dragon had taken all of the dwarf's gold they had in their kingdom. With this devastating their very way of life they desperately sought far and wide for help...enter the hobbit and the wizard. After many heart pounding, and edge of your seat adventures that I won't spoil for you here, we find our hobbit friend in The Dragon's Liar. Armed with a Ring granting him invisibility he creeps closer.

So close now he can smell the smoke, and taste the sulfur. When ragingly the dragon blows an inferno of fire trying to incinerate whoever dares to enter his chambers! I can never paint a picture better than the story, but here for you is my humble attempt to show that very heart pounding moment!