Collection: First Light Collection

Story Time:
Sunsets/sunrises have always been a favorite of mine to paint. Something about the way the colors dance like flames across the skies. These scenes have inspired a lot of my paintings through the years.

It was around 1996 when I had the inspiration to do another one of these scenes. I had envisioned a Native American with a buffalo head dress doing a prayer to the Great Spirit on the edge of a cliff over looking a panoramic view of a wilderness landscape. I pictured the trees, and a lake and breath taking mountains in the back ground all bathed in the beautiful light of the morning sun. It was as though I could smell the wilderness and feel and sun's warmth on my face!

I had a good friend named Ivan Jurisic Hrvati. He was a passionate collector of my art, and had much of his home decorated with it. He had always encouraged my art, and one day he convinced me I should start putting my art on greeting cards. First Light was the very first piece of my art to be put on a greeting card because of him. He wrote this poem to accompany the art work. May you rest in peace my good friend!

First Light (A Sacred Journey):
As we stand before the first light of dawn
With the smell of morning, water and sun
A spirit that is One and Holy
Rises strong within,
To sing...to bless an ancient place
A tribal tie,
A remembered love,
With an open and immortal soul.
Poem by:
Ivan Jurisic