Collection: Merlin's Cottage Collection.

Story Time:
The Idea for this painting cultivated as just a thought in my head for 7 years before finally coming to fruition in 1976, but the Universe began working on the origins of this painting long before that. The Adventures of Robin Hood was one of my first glimpses into the wonderful action packed adventures of the medieval times. There were many other adventurous tales of course but I think none more inspiring then the story of Camelot, King Arthur, Merlin, and the knights of the round table.

As I mentioned in the Story Time description of the Land Far and Away, the movieCamelot and the book that inspired it "The Once and Future King" played a HUGE role in my medieval fascination and was the inspiration behind a handful of my earlier paintings, this being one of them. This painting is from the scene where our young Arthur (also known as wart) first meets the magical wizard Merlin sparking his journey to becoming the legendary King Arthur.

After losing a prized falcon he took out without permission, we find young Arthur alone for the night in the woods trying to retrieve the falcon he lost before he is caught. He is awaken by a clinking, and following to where the sound is he stumbles upon a stone cottage with a well where Merlin is pulling water from. Merlin being so powerful lives backwards in time, meaning he grows younger not older and therefore knows his important role in molding this young man's future.

Without this meeting we would never have the legends that have echoed through time of the boy who pulled the sword from the stone, became a legendary King of England, and led the noble, and true Knights of the Round Table.