Collection: Moonlight Serenade Collection.

Story Time:
For the origin of this painting we are going to have to take a step way back in time. We set the scene with a little 5 year old me getting the hang of Kindergarten. Now my schooling was very different because my small little town only needed a few small little school houses. While the teacher had her hands full with all kids K-8th, I would sneak away to the sanctity of the library. Being only 5 I couldn't read, but the pictures would take me to far off lands I never dreamed of!

I remember being absolutely fascinated with vivid and captivating pictures that told a story for me. One in particular you may be familiar with about a young boy raised by wolves in the jungle! As the years went by I learned to read, and that book began to take me on an amazing adventure. Now, we all struggle at times for inspiration, and it was in one of those moments I found the inspiration for this painting.

A flash, a fleeting glimpse, what is that? A small flash from a comforting memory of that story I couldn't put down, buried way back in the files of life's experience. Just a picture of a leader addressing his pack from his rock podium. You never know what your brain has held on to in life I guess, but you can rest assured it held on to it for a reason.