Collection: The Earth Goddess Collection

Story Time:
I'd like to think that everything, no matter how small, happens for a reason. I'm going to use the origins of The Earth Goddess as a great example of this. Being an artist I draw inspiration from literally everything I see. I have random snippets, and clippets and pictures from a million and one different books and magazines laying around that have been collected through the years.

I had the idea floating around in my head of an angel painting I wanted to do, and I wanted to use my wife as the model for it. A tribute if you will for all of her amazing support through the years of me pursuing my life of art. I had her pose out in the back yard for pictures, and I had set the pictures aside for when I was ready to do this amazing angel painting that I had planned out in my head for so long. Wouldn't you know on the day I finally sit down to do that painting the universe apparently had other plans!

As I went to grab the photos of my wife to use for reference my eyes happened to pass over an old picture I had cut out of a magazine many years prior overlooking the earth from space. It was in that moment that my entire vision was changed. I no longer saw the angel painting that I had planned for so long to do, but instead another picture flashed before me.

It was an Earth Goddess, hovering over and blessing the earth. She was very beautiful and her body translucent, almost melting into the earth as if they were one. Surrounding the earth were atmospheric clouds, almost like the smoke that would bellow from an erupting volcano. The message was clear and The Earth Goddess was given life!