Collection: The Moon Maiden Collection.

Story Time:
It was a much simpler time when I was growing up. No locks on the doors, our only boundaries were the ones our feet and legs set for us, just had to be home by dark. I only had one chore and I even got paid to do it! I would then take that money and go buy books and comics.

These are what drove my sense of adventure. It wasn't all Dungeons and Dragons, and damsels in distress however. No believe it or not I actually loved me some Shakespeare! If you could get through all the where, art, thou, and thee's you'd find there was actually a lot of violence and action in his stories.

It also didn't hurt they illustrated some along with other classic stories into comic book form, this is where we get our inspiration for "The Moon Maiden." In A Midsummer Night's Dream there is a scene where our Maiden and her prince are having a quarrel and she basically tells him either you meet me here at this time or just forget we ever were. I've included some pictures of the comic that inspired me. "The Moon Maiden" is my grand attempt at capturing the beauty Shakespeare told in that story.

Comic for reference only, it is not included in the purchase