Collection: Turtle Island Collection.

Story Time:
There are certain events that happened in Earth's unofficial history that were so profound and transformative their warnings have echoed through time in the forms of bedtime stories and legends. One such legend has echoed through the ears of every race, culture, and religion across our known world. It is from a Native American retelling of this great event that we draw our inspiration for "Turtle Island."

It is believed that we are not the first group of humans to inherit this beautiful earth of ours. It is said that earth was intended as a gift of beautiful abundance to the race of men that inhabited its face, there was no need that was not provided for by this beautiful gift. Through time however man became greedy, taking more and more until the time came when only chaos reigned on the face of this beautiful gift they now took for granted.

Angered at how man was treating the beautiful gift they were given, and one another, the creator sent for the raging waters to cover and wipe clean the face of the earth and start a new.

Creator needed mud to create the new land but the waters were too deep to reach the bottom. He gathered all the water fairing animals that were left and ask "who can dive deep enough to gather the mud from the bottom of the waters?" Many strong swimmers tried with all their might and still failed time and time again including Turtle, who was one of the best.

It was then, little muskrat scurried up onto a floating log and said he wanted to try. All the animals laughed and Turtle said "muskrat if I, being one of the best can't do it, surely you have no chance." As they continued laughing muskrat determined to prove them wrong dove in the water and all went silent.

After several minutes of placid calm the animals began to leave when muskrat sprung from the water and lay lifeless and still on the log. With a final gasp he was gone. When his body released it's grip, there in his paw was mud from the bottom of the water.

It was then turtle swam up and told creator to place the mud on his back and allow him to carry the burden of muskrat's worthy sacrifice. Creator placed the mud on turtles back, and with that it began to grow with a renewed sense of beginning. This is my hope to have captured the beauty of that Native American legend of the great flood and the birth of "Turtle Island."