Collection: Realm of Mystery Collection

Story Time:
As you may know I was a big sci-fi and action fantasy buff as a kid like I've said, and there was one book made in the 1930's about a massive Barbarian who's name for copyright's sake you shall use your imagination. His life was blessed with action and adventure at every turn. His world, about two thousand years ago was different than ours of course.

It is a colorful world of primitive kingdoms spread out between prehistoric jungles, vast mountains and deserts, with strange beasts, wizards, and spells. This is a world filled with magic and wonder, into which our barbarian friend goes from one adventure to the next. This particular adventure he meets up with a crazy pirate who is the queen of an Island who's name suggests it's very dark in color. she was a black haired beauty with enormous...swords.

He became the Brawn to her Brain and together they'd take on anything. Until pulling into a cove whose banks were "jungle clouded walls of mystery" and the waters were poison and ran murky. This is the scene that I was trying to interpret:Bathed in the golden light of the setting sun, their ship is just about to round the mysterious bend that will shut out the sight of the sea, which had been their home, and all that was familiar.

Soon it will be dark and they will be surrounded by impenetrable jungle and the unknown. My painting is a sort of still frame from the movie in my head that I see when I read the story. This is just the beginning of their adventure –what follows, and what they find up this mysterious river, makes for a very exciting read and perhaps a future painting. It is pure escapism done well. The Author was very descriptive and painted with his words. As you look at the painting imagine you are there on the ship, sailing for adventure ‘Into the Realm of Mystery’. Have a good trip, and I hope you like the painting as much as I enjoyed making it.