Art that truly inspires the imagination.

We are all given a gift: something we can do. I believe that art is the gift that's been given to me. That spirit which created the universe created my passion for art. Therefore any beauty that comes from my hand, I feel comes from something higher. I like to tell stories with pictures and strive not only to entertain, but to inform and inspire those who view my artwork. To me, the world is a magical place and I hope that through the images I create, people will feel and be touched by that magic.

Artistic inspiration comes from many different sources. While I had formal art instruction from both Kellogg and Lansing Community Colleges in Michigan, my interest in art started when I began drawing at about the age of four. For the next several years, I attended a small country school outside of Charlotte, Michigan which had a nice little library. One of my favorite books was called “The world we live in.” I was inspired so much from the great illustrations of dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals, and jungles from around the world that you can still see it in my work today. Further inspiration came from exploring the woods and fields, and from hiking along the river near my home. I drew every day and was encouraged by my parents and especially a grandmother who would put my pictures on her wall for display.

Later, as a young man, I traveled in the USA and Canada. Hiking and seeing such picturesque places like the Rockies, the Redwoods, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon gave me appreciation for the beauty in nature. There is a saying which I like: “I stand on the shoulders of giants.” This is so true, all artists are influenced and inspired by other artists, and I've had my share of favorites!
“To each of us, as to every kind of animal, even to small birds and insects, and to every kind of plant, there is given something peculiar– a fragrance, a melody, a special instinct, an art, a knowledge, which no other has.” – W. H. Hudson, Green Mansions

Thank you so much for stopping by my page. I hope that if nothing else it left your day a little bit brighter, and today more than ever remember to open up and explore your imagination because you'll never know what you're going to find in there!